Madden NFL 12: Madden Bowl XVIII

Madden NFL 12: Super Bowl XLVI Simulation

Madden NFL 12 Regular Season Simulation

Madden NFL 12 Pigskin Pro-Am
Photos and b-roll from the Madden NFL 12 Pigskin Pro-Am launch event in Bryant Park featuring NFL legends and Hollywood celebrities.

General Assets
Logos & Box Art

Playbook 1: Playbooks & Gameplay

Playbook 2: Presentation

Playbook 3: Franchise & Superstar

Playbook 4: Dynamic Player Performance

Playbook 5: Madden Ultimate Team

Playbook 6: Online Communities

Madden NFL 12 for Mobile Platforms

Madden NFL 12 Times Square Cover Shoot
Photos and b-roll from the Madden NFL 12 Kickoff event in Times Square on April 28 featuring the new cover athlete for this year’s game.

Madden NFL 12 Cover Vote Campaign
Details and assets surrounding the Madden NFL 12 cover athlete voting campaign.

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